My photo entries to Singapore Garden Photographer of the Year (SGPY) 2017

I thought I would keep a record of my photo submissions here, lest I forget all about them as time goes by.

Theme: People and Nature


Misty morning in a park: Rays of sunlight stream through the trees as people stroll or jog in Bukit Batok Nature Park on a misty morning.

ECP Panorama

Panorama of East Coast Park: Panoramic view of the beach at East Coast Park, where people unwind from the hustle and bustle of city life

panorama of garden 1

Panorama of Gardens By The Bay: Tourists and locals on a bridge soaking in the picturesque sights at Gardens By The Bay

Theme: Our BiodiverCity


Plover prowling in Chek Jawa: A plover on the prowl for food during low tide on the exposed mudflats at Chek Jawa wetlands reserve, Pulau Ubin

male sunbird

Sunbird in garden: A male sunbird balancing expertly on a delicate stalk of a plant in Toa Payoh town park

red flower

Red among orange: A red flower stands out among the orange flowers in Gardens By The Bay

tall flowerFlower Power: A flower stands tall, reaching for the sky

bee on red flower

Bee on flower: A honey bee does the usual round of gathering pollen from blossoming flowers.

Bee and flowers: A honey bee making its usual morning rounds pollinating flowers and gathering honey



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