Aerial panoramic view of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park and Bishan housing estate

When seen from afar in the above aerial view, the buildings somewhat look like toy buildings to me. I somehow like taking panoramic pictures of the surroundings from high places these days. While taking the photos, I was musing that I am living in a paradoxical world. On one hand, the housing estate looks like a nice place to live, with good facilities and nature scenery. On the other hand, the built-up environment is a product of a capitalistic system and the people living here including myself are mostly living in a sheltered world, preoccupied with day to day living, far away from the relative poverty in less fortunate parts of the world. It is not possible for me to enjoy the comfort and conveniences of living in this sheltered environment fully, while knowing people in less developed regions could have a better standard of living, if only the world’s resources were to be more equitably distributed and made available for as many people as possible. I have never really felt that I belong to this country even though I have been growing up all my life here, and I still feel like I am an alien or an outsider, or a fish out of water. The nice looking park and the buildings shown in the photos are possible only because of migrant or transient foreign workers from less developed countries such as Bangladesh who came all the way to work in construction industries in Singapore, in order to earn enough to send back some cash for their families back in their own countries. Singapore itself is an immigrant country some 200 years ago, and the inhabitants have their former roots in Malaysia, India, China and so on, and the citizens in today’s generations live here like so-called “privileged people”, perhaps, much like in modern day America, and I suppose it is the same in most other modern societies. I would like to see more equality among people here, regardless of where they come from or whether they are citizens or not, and that may only be fully realised in a non-capitalist socioeconomic system, where people share resources of the earth that belong to everyone.


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