Herbal Tulsi Tea and Organic Peanut Butter

I have noted from this article “Organic Tulsi Tea Benefits – Healthy Coffee Alternative” the wide-ranging health benefits of the herbal Tulsi tea, such as providing calming effect and stress relief, bolstering immune system, boosting digestive health and providing skeletal and joint support. Then I googled and found out that some stores over here sell Tulsi tea, according to this article “Tulsi Teas are Delish!”.

I managed to find the Tulsi tea earlier this afternoon at an organic and natural food and health store in the downtown area. I was glad to finally find a store that sells a wide range of organic and natural products, so I spent about an hour or so browsing the store, and ended up buying two jars of organic peanut butter, together with the Tulsi tea. Here’s attaching photos of the items I bought. The Earth Balance peanut butter jar has a “non-gmo project” label on it – it is great to finally see this label because I have read about it on the internet but have yet to come across such labels in the major supermarkets in Singapore (or perhaps I wasn’t looking hard enough). The Tulsi tea is quite cheap – it costs only S$14.95 for a packet of 20 sachets.

The organic and natural food and health store, called SuperNature, has a website too. According to their website, the store started in 2001 as a little store and has grown over time to what it is today.


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