Beauty of sunrise on different days

I like the above video message as it is a timely and timeless reminder for me to slow down and experience the aliveness of being in the moment and take notice of miracles around me (such as the beauty and infinite essence of a sunrise or sunset that may never be recaptured exactly the same way some other time) instead of being focused on the destination. I agree with him that the journey is the reward itself.

“This moment is full of aliveness that is so easy to miss in an effort to get to that “ideal” destination in the future. The destination being only one small point in time that is over the moment you reach it.

Which is why I think that once we reach the goal we strive so hard to get to it is not nearly as satisfying as we imagined.

The real joy lies not simply in reaching a special place or moment in the future, but in making each moment SPECIAL along the way, now.

The beauty of this moment is free. It costs nothing other than simply being aware and appreciating it.

The journey is the reward itself.”

– Kute Blackson

Here’s sharing below some photos of sunrise I took with my iPhone on some days in the early morning over the past month or so when I was running an errand in my hometown.

Sunrise over Toa Payoh 18 Jan 2013 Sunrise over Toa Payoh 25 Jan 2013 Dawn over Toa Payoh 30 Jan 2013 Dawn panorama Toa Payoh 30 Jan 2013

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