Punggol Point Park and Coney Island (11 November 2012)

Recently, I learnt that Coney island off the northeast coast of Singapore will be developed. According to the news article below, part of the island’s natural environment will be converted into a nature park in two years’ time.

“The park is expected to be ready in two years and a tender will be called in the middle of this year.

Under the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Master Plan 2008, the island was to be a park and an open space.

The time is ripe for a park in the area, said NParks director of parks development Yeo Meng Tong.”

(From “Coney Island set to become nature park” (2012) by wildsingaporenews.blogspot.sg)

I decided to visit the beach area at Punggol Point Park as I wanted to take pictures of the original natural landscape of Coney island before it is changed by development.

Coney Island is also known as Pulau Serangoon. In recent years, a dam has been built on both ends of the island to connect it to mainland Singapore.

Coney Island is seen on the left side of the above panoramic picture. The coastal outline of the island has been protected by seawalls.

Here’s a closer look at Coney Island. The entrance has been fenced off to prevent the public from entering, so I wasn’t able to access the island. Much of the original vegetation on the island consists of casuarina trees.

The photo gallery below include some more photographs of Punggol Point Park as well as Coney Island (taken from a distance).

“WORK to develop a rustic nature park on Coney Island is slated to start in the latter half of next year, with nature lovers calling for it to be preserved as a haven for migratory birds.

The National Parks Board (NParks), which shares their sentiments, said only basic park furniture and non-concrete footpaths will be installed, along with minimal lighting to avoid disturbing wildlife at night.”

(From “Rustic nature park for Coney Island” (2012) by wildsingaporenews.blogspot.sg)

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