Scenery around Gardens by the Bay (14 October 2012)

Panorama of garden from a bridge

Panorama of garden where the water plants and flowers are


Panorama of the surrounding area from an elevated platform

Scenery of the garden and its denizens, including a lizard, a sparrow and olive-backed sunbirds perched on flowers along a river


    1. Thanks for your comment. I am not very familiar with identifying female sunbirds myself as they look almost alike among the different sunbird species. I saw the photos of the sunbird on your blog, and I think it could be a female olive-backed sunbird.

      I was comparing the photos I found online just now that show female olive-back sunbirds and female purple-throated sunbirds. It seems that the yellow and olive colours are slightly more prominent for female olive-backed sunbirds, compared to the slightly toned down colours of female purple-throated sunbirds.

      Photos of female olive-backed sunbirds:!i=1763521627&k=gWWp7ZD

      Photos of female purple-throated sunbirds:

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