Chinese temple in Toa Payoh, Singapore

I happened to pass by this Chinese temple after helping my mum to deliver dinner to a neighbour and thought I would check out the temple nearby out of curiosity. It has a huge prayer hall and some stupas where people burn incense in prayer. It also has a free medical clinic and a columbarium.

As usual, my thoughts went into a mystical mood and I was reflecting that temples are outward symbols of an inward reality since we all have a temple or church or mosque in our heart. In a similar sense, we are walking, living and breathing temples of God or Divine Spirit. Just as a temple has an altar with images or statues of the most high God or Deity, our true divine Self also resides in the holy of holies of our innermost being. That reminds me of the greeting “Namaste” – I learnt that it means we bow to the divine in us and in each other.


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